What are the components of Job Description?

The following components make a job description,

  1. Roles and responsibilities

  2. Organisation goals

  3. Educational qualifications required

  4. Required skills

  5. Salary range

What are the benefits of a job description?

The benefits of a job description are as follows:

  1. Awareness of roles and duties

  2. Better recruitment

  3. Better selection

  4. Awareness about work environment, benefits etc.

  5. Selection of appropriate candidate

  6. Clear understanding about goals, objectives etc.

How to write a Job Description?

A comprehensive and accurate job description is crucial for any organisation. The following steps are to be ensured while drafting a job description:

  1. Job title

  2. Job role summary

  3. Duties of employee

  4. Qualifications required

  5. Role expectations from employees

  6. Reporting manager and subordinates

  7. Verification by HR team

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