The process to change the name of the company

Following are the steps involved to change the name of the company:

  1. Passing of resolution by the board
  2. Availability of name
  3. Passing a special resolution of name change in the general meeting
  4. Submission of application to the Registrar of Companies
  5. Issuing new certificate of incorporation
  6. Making changes in the Memorandum of Association

Can a trading name be changed under GST?

Yes, the GST trade name can be changed by visiting the GST portal, visiting the official GST website. By visiting the site the user gets the option to edit their company name after logging into their account.

What leads to a name change?

A name change is done due to various reasons. When a corporation wants to expand its business or wants a rebranding it may opt for a name change. In some cases, the company also wants to change the management of the business in that case as well an application for a change of business name is filed.

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