Both e-signature and digital signature sound the same. But in reality, they are quite different. A digital signature is a technical term that uses an encrypted algorithm to convert the pdf signature into the digital one. While e-signature is rather a legal term. Its usage is common in legal jargon.

How to create a Digital Signature?

It’s not an arduous task to create a digital signature. It can be made with any software. There are lots of software that are available online that let a person signs digitally after creating an account for free.

They are automatic in nature and require less human intervention. Digital signature reduces manual paperwork.

Digital Signature Certificate

A digital signature certificate (DSC) is a certificate issued under the provisions and rules given under the Information Technology Act, 2000. It is issued by the Controller of Certification Agencies under the IT Act, 2000. DSCs are valid for up to 1-2 yrs. They can be renewed after their expiry period.

All the filings done by companies or corporate firms are required to be signed digitally to avoid frauds and scams. It ensures security and maintains the genuineness and veracity of the documents.

The issuance cost of DSC is minimal. A minimal fee is charged for the renewal of DSC. Companies and professionals can get DSC without any cost under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs provisions.

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