Few important support services include:

  1. Document review and summarization
  2. Preparation of databases and regulatory chronologies
  3. Analysis of safety databases
  4. Maintenance of complex, technical litigation databases
  5. Preparation of expert reports
  6. Deposition testimony
  7. Trial testimony
  8. Intellectual Property Management
  9. Product and service liability litigations
  10. Clinical trials agreements
  11. Statutory compliances under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act
  12. Legal issues surrounding forensic medicines
  13. Manufacturing and Import licenses
  14. Trade Secret Protection Policies
  15. Privacy Policies
  16. Terms and conditions
  17. Informed consent agreements
  18. Liability Claims- Determination of liability and fault
  19. IPR protection and prevention of infringement strategies particularly for trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, copyrights and designs. 

We provide support for pharma companies in many areas, we cooperate with pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy chains, as well as many other pharmaceutical business companies. Our clients are both residents and non-residents, medium, small and foreign companies also. We provide super quality, effective and timely solutions. In each case, our team strives to ensure that the best result is achieved with the least possible means. The quality of services we provide is mostly based on industry expertise, understanding most of the specifications of the functioning of the legal system, individual and partnership attitude to each and every client, compliance with high professional and ethical standards, technological effectiveness in working with specific information.

Our experts in pharma field can aid you in product approvals, patent filings, manufacturing, licensing agreements, branding and promotion issues in the pharmaceuticals sector.  Please get in touch with us on bestlegalservices.in