It generally contains information regarding the following:

  • Quantity of product,
  • The order number,
  • Financial components,
  • Date and time of delivery
  • Location of delivery

Defining Exclusive supplier agreement

An exclusive supplier agreement is similar to a supplier agreement in every aspect except for the fact that in an exclusive supplier agreement the buyer is prohibited from buying or acquiring the goods from any other seller or supplier than the one mentioned in the agreement. The clause of the legal ramifications in case of violation of this restriction will be present. Other factors remain the same in the agreement.

However, another type of agreement is a product supply agreement between the manufacturer and buyer where the buyer purchases huge quantity of goods directly from the manufacturer as opposing to a vendor contract where the two parties are the company and the vendor or the supplier. This agreement highlights the terms and conditions and also the rights and obligations of both the parties pertaining to the manufacture and sale of goods.

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