What is a Consultant contract or Consultancy Agreements? 

A consultant contract also known as a consulting agreement and consists of two parties, the client and the consultant wherein the client avails the services of the consultant. A consultant contract is a kind of services agreement wherein the consultant may be an individual or a company/organization. The agreement includes: 

  • the expenses of the client, 

  • the specific type of service availed, and 

  • the fees of the consultant. 

However, in a consulting services agreement the company hires the consultant for his/her services. The agreement comprises the specific type of work to be performed in a particular field by the consultant who usually has expertise in such field. This is yet another kind of services agreement.

In contrast to a consulting services agreement an individual consultant agreement is a type of services agreement wherein the consultant is an individual who possesses specialized knowledge, skill or experience in a particular field. The individual, in this case, provides his services to independent clients or organizations as a whole in every capacity except as an employee.


Defining a Retainer agreement

A retainer agreement consists of two parties wherein the client/customer pays in advance for the services which are availed by the client in the future and the professional work may also be determined at a later time. A retainer fee is paid to the consultant or business well in advance to secure the fact that the consultant or business reserves time for the client in the future when the services are required.

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