Maintenance and cure

The doctrine of maintenance and cure is taken from Article “ Rolls of Oléron” in about 1160 A.D. The obligation to "cure" requires a shipowner to give medical care free of cost to a seaman injured badly in the ship’s service until the seaman has reached the "maximum medical cure".

Personal injuries to passengers

Shipping law says that owners provide legal services and reasonable care to all the passengers. Consequently, passengers who are injured deeply aboard ships may bring suit as if they had been injured badly ashore through the negligence of a third party. The passenger fully bears the burden of proving the truth that the shipowner was negligent.

Maritime liens and mortgages

Banks that come across loan money to purchase ships, vendors who try supplying ships with all necessities like fuel and stores, seamen with due wages, and many others have a lien against the ship to guarantee payment and further related details. To power the lien, the ship must be arrested or seized. In the United States, the power to enforce a lien against a U.S. ship must be brought under the federal court and cannot be changed in state court.

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