The following clauses or information can be altered with an amendment:

  • Price of goods, if any
  • Misstatements in the agreement
  • Deadlines
  • Basic terminologies

Amendment to the contract

Amendment may be added in a contract as well as in a partnership deed. Amendment to the contract essentially pertains to the fact that a change whether in the form of an addition or an omission is necessary to further the objectives of the original agreement and continue without any hurdles.

Amendment in partnership deed

The need for an amendment in partnership deed generally arises when all the parties in the contract mutually resolve to change the name of business, address or any of the clauses in the original document. The original deed will be changed in such circumstances and all the related documents will also be altered accordingly. 

Lease amendment

If the need for an amendment arises in a lease agreement than a lease amendment is drawn up to add or omit certain clauses in an existing lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Some of the clauses that can be amended are:

  • the duration of the lease,
  • the amount of rent,
  • Termination clause.

Amended and Restated agreement

Interestingly a document or an agreement may be amended and restated. Essentially, it means adding or omitting certain clauses and reproducing them along with the original agreement in one single document. There is no hard and fast rule for amending and restating an agreement, it can be executed according to the preferences of the concerned parties. 

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