Below are the step-by step process of filing a complaint under RERA:

Step 1- To file a complaint, the complainant needs to visit the respective State’s official RERA website. Upon reaching the website, look for the page of ‘Complaint Registration’. 

Step 2- Select or click on the complaint registration link and it will be redirected to the ‘Complaint Form’, where the complainant is required to fill the details of the complaint.

Step 3- While filing the complaint, the complainant would be asked to submit their personal details including name, contact details, address and builder’s project details. Complainants can also attach supporting documents like allotment letter, payment receipts, builder-buyer agreement, copy of cheque given to the builder, any other proof of communication between the complainant or buyer and the builder.

Step 4 – Once the form is fully filled along with the supporting documents, the complainant would need to pay the amount for filing the complaint before the Adjudicating Officer. The amount for filing can be paid via online mode also.

Upon receiving the complaint, the RERA or Adjudicating Officer has to look into it, and dispose of the matter within 60 days of the date on which such complaint was submitted.

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