HR Policies are a set of rules and guidelines incorporated to carry out the process of recruiting, training etc.  HR policies of companies differ from one company to another.  It is essential for every company to have its HR Policies written down so that every employee is aware of the policy followed by the company, and this ensures transparency between the employer and employees.

What are the components of a HR Policy?

If you are a startup and have very little idea about the components of HR Policies, given below are the most important areas to be covered under HR policies for a startup company in India.

  1. Employment contracts
  2. Workdays, paydays & pay advances
  3. Overtime compensation
  4. Performance improvement policies
  5. Maternity and paternity leaves
  6. Public holidays and working days
  7. Prevention of sexual harassment at work place
  8. Provident funds and gratuity
  9. Termination policies.

Benefits of formal human resource policies.

  1. Transparency enables easy communication with managers and supervisors.
  2. Easy communication with employees
  3. Time efficiency
  4. Scope for improvement in performance

Every business including a startup must have HR Policies of their own. If you are looking for professionals to draft HR Policies for your business, our experts at best legal services can get the job done for you. Kindly visit for more information.