Employment Contract or Employment Agreement or Work contract

A work contract is a contract to carry out activities such as construction, erection, alteration, renovation, maintenance and also involves the transfer of property in goods that are subject to tax (tax will be levied on the sale of such goods).

A contract of labour often goes hand in hand with a work contract. It refers to the workers who are usually employed by the contractor under the principal employer. There are myriads of people employed under the contract of labour in various countries in almost all the industries including the service sector. It is a common yet significant system of employment.

Terms and conditions of employment

The employee agrees to the terms and conditions of employment by signing a contract before being employed formally. The terms and conditions incorporate multifarious points such as:

  • Benefits,
  • Salary,
  • Working hours,
  • Place of work,
  • Confidentiality,
  • Sickness,
  • Deductions,
  • Expenses

It is a detailed document that covers all the aspects of employment from rights to responsibilities to obligations.

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