To whom CSR-1 Form is applicable?

A company that engages in CSR Activities or through public trust, NGO,  registered society, company registered under section 8 of the act, or any other entity which is established by the state legislature or by any act of the parliament.

How to file a CSR-1 form?

A CSR-1 form can be easily filed by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the MCA official website and download the electronic form.
  • Verify the downloaded form by a CA or CS.
  • Submit the form on the CSR-1 portal after verification.
  • After the form is submitted a unique CSR registration number will be automatically generated by the system.

Along with the CSR form, a copy of PAN and a copy of the registration certificate must be attached.

The CSR form registration is made mandatory by the central government to monitor the NGO’s CSR activities. It is also important to note that only the NGOs which are registered under the MCA can file for the CSR form.

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