Registration Small Scale Industries

The small scale industries registration or SSI registration in India can be done online. It is regulated by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises. The MSME along with the help of the Ministry of Small Scale Industries regulates the registration process. The applicant can find the SSI registration online form on the portal.

It is necessary to get the small scale industries certificate or SSI registration certificate to avail of numerous benefits, schemes and incentives introduced by the government for the small-scale industries. The SSI registration certificate is valid for a lifetime.

Following steps are needed to be taken for the registration

  • Fill in all the mandatory and required details mentioned in the form of registration.
  • After filling in all the details, click on ‘Validate and Pay’ to submit the form and to fill out the registration fee.
  • After paying the requisite fees, an executive will process the application
  • After the verification of the application form, the SSI registration certificate will be generated and will be sent online via registered email.

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