1. Choice of Business Entity- Decision whether to form a Corporation (C-Corporation) or LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  2. Choice of State- Out of the 50 States or Washington DC, some of the most popular States being Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming.
  3. Pre requisites to form a Corporation or LLC- Once the type of business entity  and the state is decided, the basic requirements include:
  • Choosing a company name
  • Appointing a Registered Agent
  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Provide Names and Addresses of the People or Companies Involved (Officers, Directors, Members, etc.)
  • Company Registration Number
  1. Physical Business Address or Virtual Office- A physical address is required for client mails and other business communication and also for banks requiring a physical address in the US.
  2. Opening US Bank Account- If the business want to accept US payments or open a physical branch office in the US (or for any other reason), then opening a US bank account is mandatory.


  1. Scanned copy of Passport/ Voter’s ID/Driver’s License of shareholders and directors
  2. Passport-sized photograph of all shareholders and directors
  3. Office Address in USA (can be Physical/Co-Working/Virtual)
  4. Scanned Copy of Signature
  5. Two Members in the corporation or LLC

Filing annual report, maintaining a registered agent, paying tax and abiding by the home country’s laws is all that is required for sustaining a corporation in the USA.

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