How to register for a shop license?

The process for registration for a shop act license may differ from state to state. Shop act registration can be done via online mode through Best Legal services.


In order to apply for shop act license the two major essential requirements are;

  1. The person applying must be a major i.e., attained the age of 18 years
  2. The person applying must not have any prior criminal records.

What are the documents required?

Mentioned below are the documents required before initiating the shop act registration process.

  1. Business Address Proof
  2. ID Proof
  3. PAN Card
  4. Payment challan
  5. Additional business license.

What is the procedure for registration?

  1. Visit labor department website
  2. Fill up application form
  3. Upload necessary documents
  4. Fee payment
  5. Review
  6. Approval and issuance of license.

Time duration

Upon registering physically and in case a de[artmental inspection of the premises is required, it takes up to 15-20 days for the issuance of the shop establishment certificate. In case of registration being done online, it takes three days for the registration to be complete.

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