The steps for constituting POSH policies in offices, firms, organizations, etc., has been provided below-

  1. Separate Committee for redressal of Complaints-

Internal Committee (IC)

Every employer in the workplace by the order must constitute a committee to be known as the Internal Complaints Committee. It should have 4 members out of which fifty percent should be women members. If a woman faces any kind of sexual harassment at the workplace is supposed to approach the IC.

  1. POSH Law awareness is to be created

It is important that employers or the management conduct courses and training programs for all employees regarding workplace sexual harassment. It helps employees they can approach the IC. It also includes informing everyone about the penal consequences of getting involved in sexual harassment at the workplace.

  1. POSH policy is supposed to be drafted

It is mandatory for all offices to have drafts of detailed policies which have all the steps and procedures of the POSH policies. The typical POSH policy should have the objective and purpose, whom and where the policy can be applied, responsibilities of the employees and the employer, and procedure to file, handle, and redressal the complaint.

  1. Actions taken

In employment contract,  suspension, termination, monetary penalty actions are to be stated as a consequence of the misconduct related to POSH.

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