TDS Return Filing Online

The deductor can be employers or companies hiring freelancers, contractors or any other kind of professionals. Now after deduction, the deductors have to deposit the same to department and the amount so deducted and deposited shall be reflected in FORM 26AS of the deductee. For deducting TDS, the deductor has to apply for a TAN through the website.

There are certain requirements for filing of TDS Return as mentioned below:

  1. PAN of the deductee
  2. Receipt of TDS Challan.
  3. Other Information as notified by the government.

Step by Step procedure for filing of TDS Return

STEP 1: Fill form 27A and verify it with e-TDS that has been electronically filed.

STEP 2: Total payment made to the deductee and the amount deducted should be filed carefully.

STEP 3: TAN of the Organisation should be mentioned in FORM 27A.

STEP 4 : Filling of all the payment details to be mentioned in TDS returns

STEP 5 : Take a receipt of TDS return filed for future reference

Conditions for filing of TDS Return

The deductor should have valid Tax Deduction and Collection Number (TAN).TDS is liable to be deducted & TDS return is mandatorily required to be filed  on the below mentioned transactions:

  • Payment of Salary - If it is above the threshold Exemption limit
  • Winnings from Lottery, race, quiz or by any other name called.
  • Commission paid to Insurance Agent by Insurance company.
  • Income from shares, securities, FDs or any other financial instrument falling in the said category
  • Any income that has been generated by Income on Securities.
  • Payments made towards the Government Schemes.

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