A legal notice is, therefore, a legal document informing the other party about your grievances, through formal communication. Sending legal notice is the first step of filing a lawsuit. The receiving party can either revert back or settle the dispute outside the court. A legal notice states a particular interval in accordance with law before initiating the court proceedings.


Legal Notice is only filed in civil cases. A flawlessly drafted legal notice, can act as a mediator between both the parties and has the potential to solve the issue out of the court.

Under Section 80 of The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 while drafting a legal notice, it is essential to include name, description, and place of residence of the party sending the notice. The notice must include statement of cause of action with essential facts and grievances of the sender. The relief must be claimed by the sending party in the last paragraph of the notice. It must also include the legal basis of the claimed relief.

After being signed by the sender and the lawyer the notice is sent via registered post or courier. A notice can also be sent online.


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