Formation of Will

Making a will can be a simple process if written by himself/herself at home, but then it becomes difficult to prove it in a court if it is contested after the demise of the testator. Therefore, to reduce the ambiguity a testator can draft a will online. An online will maker can be used which permits you to draft, print and sign the last will and testament. Writing a will in one’s own handwriting is also valid if it is signed by two witnesses and is in accordance with the state law.

To legalize a will a probate is required. A probate of will is acquired when a court of competent jurisdiction certifies a copy of a will under its seal with a grant of administration of the property of the testator. A probate is only allocated to the executor of the will. An executor of will is a person who is the legal representative named in a will to carry out the process of the distribution of the assets mentioned post demise of the testator.

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