Where the need arises for change of any right or law, liability, or any clause as per the business requirement procedure after LLP Formation, the LLP shall look much forward to the changes to the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement.


A few important documents that are required to change an LLP agreement are as follows –

Documents to be enclosed with Form 3 are:

  • Original LLP Agreement needed
  • Modified LLP agreement
  • Supplementary LLP Deed required
  • Few Resolutions regarding the changes to be made, which is then passed in a meeting by the LLP Partners accordingly
  • Any supplementary forms or documents required as proof or checking process.

Documents to be enclosed with Form 4 are:

  • Consents of each of the partners are required
  • An affidavit or other proof of a change in name is compulsory
  • Evidence of cessation
  • Copy of the authorization/resolution mentioning the name & address correctly of individuals nominated as a representative of the partner/nominee respectively.

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