However, it is important to note that ISO itself does not provide certificates. The issuing of certificates is mostly done by external certification bodies. The companies and organisations cannot be registered under ISO. The entire aim of ISO certification is to improve the standardisation of an object or product and makes it valuable in the eyes of the consumers and buyers.

Types of ISO Certification in India

The primary step that a company and organisation need to do is to know what type of ISO certification is required for their business. There are various types of ISO certifications. Some are given below:-

  • ISO 9001- This ISO certification is for Quality Management System or QMS in short.
  • ISO 27001- It provides a framework for PIMS. It is the abbreviation for Private Information Management System.
  • ISO 14001- These are the series of standards that provides the framework for environmental regulation.
  • ISO 50001- This ISO certification is for Energy Management System or EMS.
  • ISO 20000- It is the ISO certification for service management.

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