Mining is a prominent economic activity in India as it has accounted for 2% of the country’s gross value added for the 3rd quarter of 2019-2020. A job as a Mining Consultant is the broader career category in Mineral Mining and Geological Engineers performing various activities, including support for Mining company Engineers, implementing and coordinating a few coal mining safety programs, etc. Their experience includes, inter alia, the regulatory process and licensing matters related issues, mergers, and acquisitions, joint ventures, and labor issues. 

The regulatory regime governing mines and minerals is very complex. It’s important to navigate through the evolving landscape and ensure that requirements, including those related to mining disclosure, mineral and surface rights, and environmental standards are followed.

Our team of experts can provide you or your company with the following services as and when required:-

1. Compliance with the Regulatory Issues.

2. Drafting of documents and contracts.

3. Issues related with mines and minerals Labour Laws.

4. Validity, transfer, renewal of mining lease.

5. Acquisition of Mines and Mining Assets.

6. Liaison with government authorities.

7. Taxation and Regulatory Issues.

8. Issues of land acquisition/ right of way, rehabilitation and resettlement, environment and health.

9. Policy issues including those related to prescribed minerals, rehabilitations, and regulatory issues.

10. Issues of enforceability MOU's and state obligations.

11. All litigation issues in High Courts, tribunals, arbitration etc.

12. Negotiation and dispute resolution and any other legal issues related with mining industries.

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