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Your Complete Manual For Sale Deed Registration

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The idea of Real Estate consists of buildings, land, houses, and any other property. Anybody can claim the title of ownership by buying any real estate. For a legally valid sale, the registration of the Sale Deed is necessary. The registration can be done by entering the sale deed and registering the same.

What is a Sale Deed?

The person who sells the real estate is known as the Seller. The person who purchases the real estate is known as the Buyer. The term sale deed is associated with the buying and selling of immovable property or any other real estate. Section 54 of the Transfer of Property Act 1882 talks about the selling of real estate or any property. The Act specifies the conditions required for registering the sale and sale deed.

Advantages of a Sale Deed Registration

The registration of a Sale Deed has certain benefits. Below are the merits:

  • The enforceability,

  • Ensures the rights and obligations of parties,

  • It Helps in knowing the owner of a real estate in dispute,

  • Helps in bringing the legal proof for the purchase of real estate from the Seller,

  • It is stamped under the Indian Stamp Act 1899 and recorded in the Registrar's Office for reference.

Eligibility criteria for Registering the Sale Deed

Before applying for the Sale Deed Registration, the Seller and the Purchaser should meet the following criteria:

  • Major,

  • The Seller and the Purchaser must be legally competent,

  • The Seller must have Ownership,

  • The Sale Deed is not under any force or coercion,

  • The property or real estate specified should not be in dispute,

  • If there are other owners in the property, then all should be willing to execute the Sale Deed.

Documents needed for Registering the Sale Deed

The following are the documents required for registering the Sale Deed:

  • Sale Deed document,

  • The name, address, and details of the parties,

  • A detailed description of the real estate,

  • Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the other owners,

  • Duplicate Copy of the Sale Deed,

  • The estimated value of the real estate,

  • The receipt of the payment of Stamp Duty,

  • PAN Card of both Seller and Buyer,

  • Two passport-size photographs of the Buyer and the Seller,

  • Sufficient Stamps in the Sale Deed,

  • Power of Attorney if through an Agent or Lawyer,

  • Tax Receipts,

  • Proof of Ownership,

  • Encumbrance Certificate,

  • ID proof of the parties and two witnesses

How to apply for Sale Deed Registration?

The Sale Deed must be registered by submitting all the necessary documents to the Sub-Registrar Office of the jurisdiction where the real estate is located. The Parties must affix their signatures or thumb impressions along with two voluntary witnesses during the time of registering the Sale Deed. Nowadays, several States provide an online facility for Sale Deed Registration without needing to visit an Office. Before going to the Sub-Registrar Office, it is important to ensure that enough stamps are there in the Sale Deed Document. The final step to obtaining the Sale Deed is to collect the Sale Deed Online or by visiting the Sub-Registrar Office after the prescribed number of days.


To become a sale legally valid, it is necessary to have a Sale Deed document. The registration of the Sale Deed ensures the legal enforceability of the same. However, it is beneficial to precheck whether all the essentials are there before preparing to register the Sale Deed.

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