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Your Complete Manual for Private Limited Company Registration

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The Private Limited Company is a notable business idea in India. There are in excess of 120,000 organizations enlisted on yearly premise. Because of its benefits like restricted obligation, never-ending progression, worker fascination, and chief double job, the confidential restricted organization is a most loved business structure in India. Confidential Limited Companies can raise bank credits, investment financing and outer interests in Equity effectively when contrasted with LLP.

What is the process of registering a Private Limited Company?

There are three major steps for the registration of a corporate which are-

1. The first job is to prepare Digital Signature certificates through the online portal

2. The second step is the incorporation of the company through the MCA Portal in which various forms are prepared such as eMOA, eAOA, eAGILE+ and upload it in the portal.

3. Thirdly, after scrutiny, the officers of the MCA after approving the form will issue the Certificate of Incorporation.

What are the benefits of a Private Limited Company Registration?

1. Limited Liability- The directors or Shareholders are not actually at risk for the obligations of the Company. For instance, when Company is in default of reimbursement of obligation or credit, there is a security to the individual resources of the Directors or Shareholders.

2. Fundraising- Funding and Angel Investors show revenue in the company sort of business for the value venture as they don't wish to involve in the everyday organization. The idea of a Company is managed everything through Directors, the investors are the financial backers of the Company and the administration is controlled by the Directors of the Company.

3. Dual Role of Director- The Director of the Company can be the worker of the Company. He can give his own premises on lease/rent to Company and Collect lease from it, he can give credit to the Company and can take advance from Company, he can supply labor and products to the Company and get thought for that.

4. Separate Entity- The individuals from the Company might come and may go yet Company may not go which implies the individuals are unique and the Company is unique.

What are the documents required for Company registration?


1. PAN

2. Director’s ID Proof

3. Address Proof

4. Latest Passport Size Photograph

5. Email address

6. Director’s mobile numbers which are linked with their Aadhar

7. International Passport in case of foreign directors.


1. Registered office Address Proof- Latest electricity bill.

2. No-objection letter from the landlord

3. Rental Agreement from the landlord if the place is on rent

4. Company email-id.

What all do you get after registration of a Company?

Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, company’s PAN and TAN, Digital Signature Certificates, Director Identification Numbers, GST Registration, MSME registration (UDYAM), ESI Registration, PT Registration, Shops, and Establishment Registration, Share Certificates, GST Software.

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