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Your complete manual for FSSAI registration

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One of the most common forms of family businesses in India is either a sweet shop or a café with a serene ambience. However, very few people know about FSSAI Registration. It is regulatory compliance to be made by all the businesses related to food.

What is FSSAI?

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a statutory body established by the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006. FSSAI functions under the aegis of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. FSSAI prescribes mechanisms for the standards and guidelines to be followed by businesses related to the production of food and beverages.

Advantages of a FSSAI license

 Following are the advantages of obtaining a FSSAI license:

  1. Systematic compliance with food safety and security
  2. Improvement of brand value
  3. Legal benefits
  4. Regulation of imported foods
  5. Increased prospects for expansion of one’s business

Eligibility criteria for FSSAI registration

Before applying for a  basic FSSAI license, the applicant must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Less than 100kgs or litres each day of food production capacity,
  2. Milk production capacity of less than 500 litres each day,
  3. Vegetable oil production of less than 100 litres each day,
  4. Meat processing units with a capacity of less than 100 kgs each day,
  5. Capacity of fifty poultry per day in case of slaughter houses,
  6. Cold storage units with annual turnover below 12 lacs, or
  7. Any other food production business with an annual turnover below 12 lacs.

Documents needed for FSSAI registration

The applicant should have the following documents while seeking FSSAI registration:

  1. Photo ID proof of the business operator,
  2. Partnership Deed/MOA/AOA/Certificate of Incorporation,
  3. List of products,
  4. Address proof for the business premises,
  5. NOC from the relevant authority,
  6. Origin of raw materials,
  7. Water test,
  8. Food safety management plan,
  9. Duly filled Form B and Form IX,
  10. Import export code.

How to apply for FSSAI registration?

A FSSAI registration is not only for the food production units of MNCs but also for small food producers. A formal application that must follow the prescribed format (as prescribed by statutes and FSSAI regulations) is to be filed with FSSAI. Such application should also be accompanied by the abovementioned documents for proper verification.

A nominal processing fee is to be paid for the application to be considered properly.

However, it is advisable to seek legal help to obtain a FSSAI license as even a minute error in the application would lead to rejection.


To gain the trust of customers, it is essential to obtain a FSSAI license as it ensures that the food business operator abides by the standards prescribed by FSSAI. It also improves the scope of the expansion of one’s business. A small food producer and the food production unit of MNCs are both eligible for obtaining relevant FSSAI licenses. However, legal help should be preferred while seeking registration with FSSAI to avoid unnecessary costs.